We are Cyle and Jan, a husband and wife team from Saint Peter, Minnesota.


We make pottery and jewelry.
We'd love to make some for you!


Jan's Pottery & Jewelry

Jan makes jewelry crafted from real birch bark and functional pottery that evokes images of the north woods. She also makes some other pottery that is just a little bit geeky!

Cyle's pottery

Cyle makes decorative ceramic masks, skulls & “tree” planters that are definitely unusual and just make you say, “hmmmm.”  Due to physical limitations from a traumatic brain injury, Cyle makes all of his amazing pottery with just one hand!


Our online shop is in the development stage, so here's a peek at what we do.  If you are interested in purchasing any of our work, please contact us and we'll see what we have in inventory for you!  If you'd like to see our work in person, check out our events page for upcoming art shows and exhibits.